Have you met this cute tiny red monster?

bokeh 4225671261_46c0e03e11_b

He never says a word, doesn't move and stays quiet where I say. Definitely he's the perfect model LOL

Here the top-5 photos of him:

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wage 3736105377_7de0696244_b
wage 4856082087_d216ed25cf_b
wage 4160185165_3f657247f9_b

4 Experiences:

  1. Great shots! My favorite is definitely the first one. I like the lights in the background in that one.

  2. Me ha encantado! son unas fotos super divertidas!

  3. these are really quite beautiful! and the little red guy adds some humor :)

    driving cross country in a convertible would be amazingggg.. i guess i'd have to learn to pack a bit lighter haha.. but i could manage!

    and hiking in Spain would be a dream come true. i really want to travel through Europe.. i'm just not sure when i'll be able to do it, but i will make it happen :)

    what part of route 66 did you do?

  4. M'eeeeeeeeencanta la foto partida en tres on es veu el cel... és una monada i a sobre súper caxonda :D

    Un súper model aquest monstruet :)