Trilho Pedestre: Faial da Terra - Sanguinho - Salto do Prego (PRC9SMI)


Lenght: 5km
Time: 2h in slow pace
Difficulty: Easy-medium 

This trilho (hiking) starts at the village of Faial da Terra. At the end of the town it is already well indicated. You can take two different ways. In our case, we took the one that goes to the left so that we could have a nice view over Faial da Terra.

I have to say that this way is a bit longer than the other one but it really worths the effort of going up. Trust me, it is quite easy. Besides on the way you will pass through the village of Sanguinho. Then, after a wood bridge and some going up and down you arrive at the wonderful waterfall where you can have a refreshing bath :) 

To go back you can take the other way which is even easier and shorter (you can see in the maps, the first is going to the waterfal of Salto do Prego, and the second one is coming back).

In total the "trilho" did not take more than 1h30 and 3,72km (yes, we were going up very relaxedly :P). Now, enjoy the pictures.

ida y vuelta

2 Experiences:

  1. That's a beautiful waterfall! It looks well worth the hike.

  2. Hola,
    m'encanta el teu blog.
    Al salt de Prego,cuand jo vaig anar-hi,
    hi habáa un tronc de un arbre caigut.