Fira del Cavall 2011

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El passat 14 i 15 de maig de 2011 va tenir lloc a Sabadell, al Parc Central del Vallès la XII Fira del Cavall, un event que té per objectiu "acostar el món del cavall al gran públic". S'ha de reconèixer que la doma del cavall és tot un art basat sobretot en comunicació i ple d'elegància. Així que estigueu atents al mes de maig de l'any vinent, i no us perdeu aquesta cita!

The last may 14th and 15th 2011 took place in Sabadell (Catalunya) the XII Horse Fair, an event whose goal is to bring this field to people. I could realise that dressage horse is such an art based on communication and with a lot of elegance. Be aware next year and do not miss it!

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Exhibició de carruatges - Exhibition of carriages
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More exhibitions :P
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Més vídeos / More videos: #1 - #2 - #3

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  1. The colors in these pictures are so vibrant! I've never seen a festival like this before. I love the little kids in the carriage with the ponies!


  2. great photos :)

    your newest follower, Michelle

  3. Fantastic colorful shots! Dressage is always interesting to watch, as it takes so much talent in a horse. Our horses aren't quite that well coordinated, sadly. :)

  4. I looooooove festivals! The horses are so pretty and of course so are your photos!

    In my last hiking post the photo of the ground and the photo of me looking out were taken with my iPhone! I think the quality is awesome.. Especially for blog purposes.. I haven't tried printing an iPhone photo, but I think it would be pretty good.

  5. Super!!! J'adore les chevaux