what a busy life, uh?

comb b
I use to remember when she was a PLAYFUL kitty. She ran, jumped, climbed everywhere, and went for a walk on the roofs, she bit, and scratched the curtains, the sofas, the sheets, she went after every little thing she saw like little balls and toys, my earrings...¬¬ yes, lovely!
But now, 11 years later, she has become old and even more SPOILED. She just wants to relax, to lie down and be cuddled and brushed. What a busy life, uh?
So here she goes again, one of my favourite but also bad-tempered model for my photos, who you already know
DSC_0975 b
DSC_0962 b

3 Experiences:

  1. Great photos! Sometimes I think how nice it would be to live the life of a cat, being lazy all day, just lying around. Our cat is the same way - I think she has a pretty good life! :)

  2. Hola!!

    Me encantan las fotos de tu blog, de verdad son bellísimas!! Esta es la primera vez que visito tu blog pero me llamó mucho la atención, especialmente los gatos, pq a mi tmb me encantan! De hecho, la semana pasada adoptamos uno nuevo ... y como ví las fotos de tu gatita decidí hacer un comentario :)

    Saludos, espero regresar!