my do-re-mi passion


Unce upon a time....... the summer of 1999 I started learning piano by myself. I think that all the creativity in me was wishing to be released. And well, until now I have to admit that I'm absolutely not a brilliant pianist, but I love playing it. It lets me free my mind, exactly like photography does. So I was thinking about uploading some videos of my "performances", but I'm too shy for it. I'll have to try one day anyway.

PS: having a look at the pictures again I just realised that it seems there's a little bit of dust on my piano, doesn't it? that's embarrassing LOL


3 Experiences:

  1. Nice piano shots, Ariadna! Did you read my post about piano lessons the other day? Didn't think of taking a piano shot to go along with it, though.

  2. Wowsa! Those pictures are great! I took piano lessons and definitely didn't have skills, reading you are self thought is so amazing, Great blog!

    <3 Cess O.