snow: where are you this year?

DSC_0546 bb

These shots were taken last winter, in march 8th, 2010, when luckily it snowed a couple of times. And I say luckily because it's not common that the whole Catalunya becomes colored in white as it happened last year.
That's why this current winter I´m kinda nostalgic about snow and being able to take lots of pictures like these.
Fyi, these ones were taken in Manresa, my hometown, and in Cardona.
I hope you like them as much as I do.
PS: maybe you remember this post, so yes, it has already snowed this winter, but not where I live, that time was in the center of Spain.

DSC_0628 bb
DSC_0547 bb
DSC_0592 bb
DSC_0594 bb
DSC_0643 bb
DSC_0709 bb
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  2. Those are some fantastic shots, Ariadna! I do love how the snow covers everything and turns it white. But then I'm happy to see it melt, too. :)