getting lost in london (III - the last one, yay!)

There's another reason about why London is so cool: The Markets.
There are a lot of them, depending on the day and on the neighborhood, however I just can show you the ones I have pictures.

Borough Market is a wholesale and retail fruit, vegetables and all kind of food market. You will enjoy tasting all their specialities.
mosaic market 1

Camden Market. You will find open-air and indoor markets with alternative fashion, and all kind of styles: punk, goth, hippy, vintage, retro, etc. And appart from, there's also food, of course.
mosaic market 2

mosaic market 2b

Portobello Road Market, located at the legendary Notting Hill... (yes, the movie played by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts). This district is full of retro shops, designer boutiques and antique stalls. This street market is one of the most famous in the world and is set on Sundays.
mosaic market 4
mosaic market 3
mosaic market 5

My last favorite spot is Carnaby Street, located in the city center and next to the others shopping streets (Oxford St. and Regents St.). But Carnaby St. has a special flavor: it is full of independent boutiques and particular brands. If you go there, do not miss the Kingly Court (the 1st and the 2nd pictures are from there).
mosaic market 6

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  1. Fantastic shots as always! There is so much to take in visually in each shot! Great work. Looks like you had plenty of shopping options to choose from. :)

  2. yesss.... too many things to buy, but just a little money to spend :_

  3. these pictures are seriously AMAZINNNg. im in love...

  4. This picture are amazing!
    I really LOVE London.

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