getting lost in london (II)

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During Christmas all the stores and show-windows are very nicely and accurately decorated. And in London, it was even more than anywhere else I've been. That's why I couldn't avoid taking pictures of everything, although I felt kind of embarrassed to be warned by the shop assistant several times.

Yes, you can find ABSOLUTELY everything in those shops and markets.
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This is a restaurant which I loved so much: Yo! Sushi You can find several of them in all the city.
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  1. Fascinating pictures as always. I enjoy seeing things as you see them.

  2. loooove this! love the blog! cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!

  3. I've never been to London! These images are beautiful and it looks like shopping heaven to me!:)

  4. oh i want to get lost in London now... the pictures are stunning darling!

  5. Me encantan todas tus fotos! Qué cámara usas? (y además de la cámara qué más usas? jejeje).
    un besazo!