una nació; una selecció.

The past december 28th it's taken place one of the annual matches that the Selecció Catalana plays. This Catalan national soccer team can't take part in football events like UEFA and FIFA, (f*i&cking political reasons) that's why once per year the FCF (Catalan Football Federation) invites a well-known national team to celebrate a match in Barcelona. This time the game was with Honduras National Team, which played in the last FIFA World Cup in 2010.
Until now the Selecció Catalana has played with teams like Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, China, Chile, Bulgary, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Euskadi, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, and so on.
The current manager of the Catalan team is Johan Cruyff.

The guests
The players
Some entertainment lol
The result

Montjuïc, Barcelona

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  1. Those are some great pictures - nice bold colors! It looks like a fun atmosphere at the game!