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I often like dressing comfortable, so today I decided to take some pictures of my favorite sport shoes. I bought them in Camden Market due to an emergency, but you can easily find them here.
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Lonsdale is a brand created by the former boxer Bernard Hart in London in 1960. They basically started with boxing equipment, but nowadays you can find different kinds of clothing.

Most of the brands have curiosities about their names and logos. This company, according to our beloved Wikipedia, "is named after Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale, who in 1891 set up the first organised boxing matches with gloves, following the deaths of three boxers in bare knuckle fights."
Another curiosity is that this brand was realted to Neo-Nazism just because changing the letters a little bit you can read NSDAP (the German name of the Nazi Partit) and they wore this brand since it was forbidden to express Nazi sympathies. So in 2003 the company decided to finish with those symbolisms launching the campaign "Lonsdale Loves All Colours", which I think is a brilliant idea to re-positioning the brand and break up with bad reputation.
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lonsdale combo

......Even the sole is cool, doesn't it? LOL

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  1. Wow, great photos with some wonderful colors! I and I enjoyed learning about the history of the company as well. Great post! :)

  2. I should have mentioned - I especially like the picture of the cat in the boxing glove. Cute!

  3. very cute Ad campaign pictures!
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!


  4. it's not any kind of Campaign, I just did it cause I like the brand and I got some inspiration.

  5. interesting blog, ive not heard of such shoes but i like them, they look really awesome. cool story behind the brand. and the cat is so adorable with the little glove on haha! xoxo

  6. Hola Adriana! Me encantan las fotos que haces, ¿Haces algún curso? Me encantaría aprender a hacer fotos como tú aunque me salgan 1000 veces peor jaja. ¡Es una pasada!

  7. Hola Anónimo, no doy ningún curso. sólo práctica y más práctica e inspiración. Aunque me queda muchísimo por aprender. Gracias por visitar el blog y me alegro que te guste.


  8. Lindas zapatillas. Entre estas y tus botas Doc Martens se diría que tienes fijación con las cañas altas y el estilo de boxeador y militar.