11 years old :)

Aquí us presento la Tuna, una gata molt afortunada, nascuda a Cullera a l'agost de 1999. Quan tenia un mes, el destí no va voler que vivís més a la intempèrie, pel que la va fer arribar just davant de la porta del nostre apartament. I des de llavors és la reina de casa.

I want to introduce you "Tuna", it's not a fish :P, it's a very lucky cat, born in August 1999 in Cullera. When she was one month old, the destiny did not want she lives outdoors anymore, so she appeared just in front of the door of our appartment. And since then, she is the queen of our home.

Summer 1999

Summer 2010

2 Experiences:

  1. Nice shots! It is funny how cats can take over your home. Our cat is 14 years old, but she doesn't care to have her picture taken like this.

  2. Nice kitty!
    Mum said she loves these photos very much!