Whale Watching in Azores (again)

Whalewatching Futurismo Azores SpermWhale ariadnabach

I already did Whale Watching in Azores last year, but it was with the company Moby Dick. 
This time I went with Futurismo, Azores Whale Watching. They do a very nice breafing about Whale Hunting tradition in Azores and besides they let you know about all the species that you can see, always depending on the "luck factor". Very kind staff :)

Also this time was better than my first one since now we were able to see a few sperm-whales besides of the playful dolphins :)

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Play the video i recorded and you will listen the lovely sounds of the dolphins :D

x DSC_0137 xy
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Back to Ponta Delgada after 3 exciting hours following whales and dolphins :D
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  1. preciosas e increibles!
    que fotazas!
    un beso

  2. i looooove whale and dolphins they're super beautiful!


  3. Very cool - those are some great shots! I love the blue of the water.

  4. Beautiful pictures, probably very difficult to take as it is mostly the case with living creatures ;)

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