one year on the island

2012-06-09 Lagoa de Sao Bras, Azores

Today it makes already 1 year that my Azorean Adventure started
At the beginning it was supposed to be just a 6 months experience but the attraction I felt to this island was so strong that I had the need to stay more! 
And still here I am, 1 year later! :)

After this period I can say that my way to see, to live and to understand the life has changed in many senses. 
I learned to appreciate every single moment and be grateful for every simple thing.
Thanks to all the fantastic people I have met and all kind of situations I have had to face, 
now I can say that I have reached a state of happiness, wellness and peace of mind. 

I will always have amazing memories of this island, 
and I hope the island will have nice memories of me too :)

I leave you the video I recorded last Desember, when my first part experience finished

3 Experiences:

  1. so cuuuteee :)

  2. Me alegro un montón ¿Debo suponer que este año ha sido el primero de muchos?

    1. demasiados lugares en el mundo para descubrir ;)