the island of the rainbows

Ponta Delgada, Casa do Açúcar, March 2012
The weather is continuously changing in Azores. 
You can almost see all the four seasons in one single day, they say.
The strong winds make the clouds pass fast, so the rain can suddenly arrive 
and disappear after a few minutes letting the sun go out again.
The result: Wonderful Raibows Everywhere.

From where I come from, it is not so common to see them, 
just during the storms in Spring maybe. But here every time I
 see one I regret myself not carrying the camera A-L-W-A-Y-S with me
just to avoid some of these ultra-pixelated photos taken with the phone :-/

Fábrica de Açúcar, Nov 2012

Ponta Delgada Airport, Nov 2011

Ok, this is not in the Azores, this is Barcelona, January 2012

Ilha das Flores, Nov 2011

Furnas, Nov 2011

Over Vila Franca do Campo, April 2012

Ponta Delgada, Casa das Meninas: Rua do Contador, August 2011

Again, Over Vila Franca, April 2012

São Roque, Oct 2012
Again, from Casa do Azucar, April 2011

Ponta Delgada, Oct 2012

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  1. WOW!!! AMAZING photos!!!!

  2. que fotos mas impresionantes y bonitas!

  3. awesome photos!!
    Angela Donava