brooklyn bridge

After all the green landscapes of my last posts I had the need of something like this:
high buildings, a lot of cement and asphalt, stressing crowded metropolis...
so I rescued this captures from my box of memories
they are from my trip to NY, in Sept.2007.
Most of them are awfully blurry, (I'm a bit ashamed to look at them :P)
... others are still a bit acceptable
Taken with my old Nikon Coolpix E3200
It's funny to see how photography industry has evolved in just 5 years

The Brooklyn Bridge was the first place we visited in the city. 
We were staying in ChinaTown, so getting there was just a walk.
While we were crossing the bridge, the city delighted us with this amazing sunset
and when we arrived at the other side of the East River at the dusk

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