Lands of The Priôlo

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Serra da Tronqueira is located between Nordeste and Povoação municipalities, in the East part of São Miguel.  
This region is well known for having the highest peak of the island: Pico da Vara (906m), ...
but also for being the natural habitat of the Priôlo, a unique bird that just can be found here. 

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The Azores Bullfinch, aka Priolo (Pyrrhula murina) "is an endemic species of São Miguel Island, more especifically of the mountain area in the eastern part of the island that comprises the councils of Nordeste and Povoação". This bird was much more frequent some decades ago. In fact, farmers say it was like a plague, since it was a "menace" to the cultivations. That's why people started to hunt and to kill them :( (!!!) 


Fortunately, now, the point of view changed and they are fighting to increase the population of Priolos again. SPEA is the responsible organisation for the preservation of this Bird, which is the 2nd most endangered specie in Europe and its natural habitat, through the LIFE-Priolo Project. Besides, from the "Lands of The Priôlo", they are currently applying for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, which is something magnific to preserve the territory.

In Nordeste, São Miguel, there is an Interpretation Center for those who want to learn more about this beautiful bird. 
Or, to admire it from home, please, do not miss this excellent video by Madalena Boto. Check its ENGLISH VERSION

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