Noite calma em Ponta Delgada

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During autumn and winter there are a lot of huge cruises that pass by the Açores. They use to come from UK or the Nordic Countries and their destination is the Caribbean. However, they stop a few hours in the Marina of Ponta Delgada. And it's really a big thing to see those "floating hotels" arriving and leaving from the usual calm of PDL,...and of course, it is always a good excuse to take the camera out of home, even if it is dark and rainny as it was in this last occasion.

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Skyline of PDL
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Portas do Mar
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The calm of the night

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4 Experiences:

  1. Adoro estas pá! Ponta Delgada de noche es tan bonita como de día... ¡o más!

    Deberías ver Angra do Heroísmo a la luz de la Luna llena... :)

  2. Those are some great night shots! I am always impressed with the size of the cruise ships - they are so big!

  3. que preciosidad de foto!
    SON PRECIOSAS! me ha encantado tu blog! es genial! y tus fotografias son maravillosas!

    Por cierto, soy nueva! te he encontrado porque hacemos el curso de Fotografia de Diciembre con Jackie las dos!jejeje Así que encantada de "conocerte"

  4. love the photos, love your blog too so I'm a new follower=)