The countdown has begun

Chã da Marcela, 4th March 2015
Last 10 days on São Miguel.

My mind is full of all kind of memories I have lived here. Almost four intense years filled with beautiful experiences. I have discovered amazing places,  met great people, made long-lasting friendships and lived unforgettable moments with them. Sometimes I have wished to make those moments eternal, but that's not possible. Nothing is eternal, nothing is permanent. That's why we need to keep moving: to let things go so that new ones can come.

I can't avoid feeling sad to leave all this behind, but at the same time I'm grateful to have had the chance of living it. I have grown up and have learnt a lot. Now I feel ready to go and start a new phase in my life. Destiny will say it. ♥     

2 Experiences:

  1. Ohhh a sério! E vou deixar de ver fotos fantásticas da ilha? Então é bom que vás para um sítio igualmente fotogénico :) Go girl!

  2. Wow, has it really been almost four years? Doesn't seem like that long ago when you were talking about moving there. Best wishes for your next steps!