Pandora's Box

It seems yesterday when I met Pandora for the first time.
After being found homeless in the street and being operated on for an internal tumor, she was needing somebody to provide her a better life and a home to stay for good. I didn't think it twice. Her story was touching and she deserved happiness and comfort
She was very shy at first but with the time she started to be herself: very sweet and gentle but also a bit stubborn and grouchy -according to her advanced age, I guess- :P
During this first year, we had dozens of hikes in the forest, runs in the beach, baths in the lake trying to hunt the ducks, and even a trip by plane to Spain, where she also discovered the snow for the first time (not too excited about it)...
One year later I can confirm that she has given me more than what I have given to her. She has taught me beautiful values such as respect, loyalty, gratefulness, friendship, forgiveness, simplicity, calmness, trust, ...
I can assure that Pandora didn't have a box full of evil and negative forces, like they say in the Greek Mythology, but a box full of love, joy and innocence.

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