Trilho Lagoa do Fogo (PRC2SMI)

Taken in Sept'13 from the main Fogo Lake Viewpoint

It looks yesterday when I did this trail for the last time. 
But it's already 20 months ago! 

Of course, this time I HAD to bring the sweet Pandora ♥ with me.
I did the 12km trail in a better time: something more than 3 hours and still walking slow

The first part is the most tiring one. Almots 2kms always going up.
Afterwards comes my favourite zone: the forest and the long water canal
Pandora enjoyed running all the way forward and back. 
I bet she did the double of kms than us lol

The forest ends but the water canal continues....
We are getting closer to the Volcano and the seagulls start to fly above us.

Oil polluting the groundwater. Sad.

And here we are :)
Lagoa do Fogo!

Somebody missed a leg...

We still have 6km to walk before it gets dark.
Time to be ready to go downhill.

Where is Pandora? :P

Santa Maria Island on the horizon

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  1. Las fotos de los paisajes son realmente bellísimas!
    Aunque la de la gaviota me ha dado un "no se que", jeje