Autumn in Terra Nostra Garden

More than one year later, I'm back in Terra Nostra Garden.  
It feels so good to walk among all the dense vegetation, lakes, trees... 
This time you could breathe the autumn: the typical uncontinuous little rain, 
some leaves that want to turn to red and others that already fell, 
and belladonnas all along the way.
And after this, of course, a relaxing bath of hot water in the thermal pool ;)
The only hard part of the day is arriving home and realize that spending a day in Terra Nostra 
means having a few hundred photos to choose and edit :P

Here my last times in the Terra Nostra Garden: 

                                                                                            ***Such a long time I didn't show up on my own blog :P

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  1. WOW !!! these are amazing pictures . Photographing birds requires discipline to create an effective photograph that captures their beauty and nuances… when not in flight.

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