Trilho Pedestre Praia da Viola (PR27SMI)

Praia da Viola

São Miguel has several beaches which, even in the high season, are not crowded.
But for those who look for still wilder deserted beaches Praia da Viola is your place.
The best way to arrive is through the PR 27 SMI trail, starting in Lomba da Maia.
The cliffs next to the beach are full of streams running down to the sand,
making to appear some beautiful waterfalls along the beach. 
It is also curious to see all the abandoned watermills, 
which are all covered by vegetation, creating a mysterious scene.

Lenght: 5km
Time: 2h 
Difficulty: Easy

Praia da Viola and the village of Maia at the end.

abandoned watermills

view over Praia da Viola

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