Porto do Nordeste

We are in Nordeste region. On the north-east part of the island. 
And where the main town is, obviously, Nordeste.
On the pictures: The little Fisher's Port of Nordeste.
To reach this place you have to go down a very narrow steep road, 
so the best you can do, unless you have a "powerful" car, is to go down on foot.

From here you will see the breathtaking abrupt coast of this part of the island.
And also the lighthouse, Farol do Arnel, which was built on the half way up of the shore,
bringing the materials from the port by boat in 1876.
If you are curious, you can ask to the marine militar, who is in charge of the lighthouse,
to enter and to know more stories about this place. 

I already took some pictures of this place just one year ago. at the end of 2011. 

3 Experiences:

  1. Veo una foto y sé que es tuya. Tienes un estilo propio... y me gusta.

  2. Esto es una belleza por donde se lo mire! Que suerte que tienes de verlo con tus propios ojos!!!