Lagoa do Congro

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Not very happy with the result of these pictures. But still I wanted to share them with you, so that you can know this place: Lagoa do Congro.

Since I arrived in Azores (more than one year now), I had never visited Lagoa do Congro until last month. It is really a nice feeling to keep discovering new places in this island even after such a long time living here :) 

Lagoa do Congro is located a few kms from Vila Franca do Campo, to the interior of the island, about 5km east from Lagoa do Fogo. What makes this lake different from the others is that its embedded in a crater in a relatively flat area, like in a large open hole, instead of occupying the "top" of a volcano as happens with Sete Cidades Lake, Furnas Lake or Lagoa do Fogo.

To reach the Lagoa do Congro you will have to hike a little bit: you should park the car in the same unpaved road as soon as you see the sign. Keep walking entering the forest going all the way down. 
After some minutes you will arrive at the yellow water of Congro, where just the singing of the birds and the croaking of the frogs will interrupt your thoughts. 

Check the video at the end to believe me :) 



02 lagoa do congro

01 lagoa congro

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