chi-town (V): 59th street

Yes, these amazing scenes are also in the city of Chicago. Well, specifically it's in the University of Chicago surroundings, which are full of wonderful spots to go for a walk and relax. Actually in Jackson Park (59th street next to the Michigan Lake) you can find a Japanese Garden, lakes, or even the Museum of Science and Industry.
Under these lines you can also see the International House at the University of Chicago, the residence where I was living during my stay in the city. Then the 5th picture shows the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, the tallest building on the campus.
As far as I could experience, this neighborhood is a real "green lung" of Chicago.

PS: I was forgetting to tell you that it was also Mr. Obama's neighborhood a few years ago, when he was still a professor at the University of Chicago :)

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2 Experiences:

  1. These shots are all fantastic, Ariadna! Great work! I think my favorite is the Japanese garden. I love the reflection in the water in that one.

  2. Preciosas fotografías, gracias por compartirlas.

    Un saludo.